Get the inside scoop on how to build a high-quality brand identity on Instagram. In this straightforward, quick-read, you will learn everything you need to know in growing a scaling business on social media. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur, Big Boss Bigger Brand will teach the brand fundamentals you need to thrive on all social media platforms, especially Instagram! Give your business the identity it needs, a brand your target audience deserves!


  • The definitions for Brand, Brand Identity, and Branding
  • How to strategize your brand using the 4 Step-by-Step Brand Plan
  • How to implement the Step-by-Step Brand Plan into action
  • How to grow your brand on Instagram through your Brand Cover, Personality, and Quality
  • How to scale your brand to the bank by understanding your Brand Office metrics and using the data strategically.

Big Boss Bigger Brand Ebook